GARMIN DRIVE 51 MENA LMT-S جهاز تحديد المواقع المطور مع خريطة الشرق الاوسط وشمال افريقيا تحديث مجاني مدى  الحياة

GARMIN DRIVE 51 MENA LMT-S جهاز تحديد المواقع المطور مع خريطة الشرق الاوسط وشمال افريقيا تحديث مجاني مدى الحياة

سعر عادي: 950ر.س

Special Price 800ر.س

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Dedicated GPS Navigator with Driver Alerts

  • Easy-to-use dedicated GPS navigator with bright 5.0-inch dual-orientation display

  • Preloaded with lifetime maps of middle east 2018 

  • Provides real-time services2 such as live traffic and live parking3

  • Driver alerts for dangerous curves, speed changes, speed cameras4, railway crossings, animal crossings and more

  • TripAdvisor® ratings for travel points of interest (POIs) such as hotels, restaurants and attractions

  • Includes lifetime safety camera updates

Wherever you're going, have a smoother trip with Garmin Drive. This dedicated GPS navigator includes helpful driver alerts to help increase your situational awareness, live services that bring you up-to-date information and built-in data from TripAdvisor to help find everything you need along the way. The future is on your Garmin. Just look ahead and drive.

Live Services for Your Drive

Outsmart traffic jams with time-saving alternate routes or by avoiding them altogether. Then, with live information, spend less time circling the block to look for parking. For traffic alerts, relevant rerouting directions and up-to-date weather forecasts, download the Smartphone Link app, which connects your Garmin Drive with your compatible smartphone. As you near your destination, take the stress out of parking by viewing pricing and availability trends for on-street public parking. The Smartphone Link app also enables LiveTrack2, which lets drivers share their location so friends can track your whereabouts whether you are running errands around town or taking a long road trip.


Driver Alerts: Know Your Surroundings

To encourage safer driving and increase situational awareness, Garmin Drive provides driver alerts for sharp curves, speed changes, railway crossings and animal crossings. Additionally, the navigator will warn you when driving the wrong way on a one-way street and alert you to nearby schools and school zones. Receive notifications for nearby red light cameras and safety cameras4, and even get fatigue warnings5 that suggest potential rest areas after several hours of driving.


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